Baby’s name should be based on the Sun sign or the Moon sign

Baby’s name should be based on the Sun sign or the Moon sign Naming your child is one of the most important and auspicious tasks you will ever undertake that will leave a lasting impact on his future. This name is central to the starting point of a child’s identity, so the worst thing you can do when choosing a baby name.
Just because the name sounds good does not mean as good. Many parents name their child after a sweet-sounding word. It is very important that you know the meaning of your child’s name.

For example, Myra is a good-looking name and many parents who come to me (even a celebrity) have named their children Myra. But when I researched its meaning in the Biblical sense I came across its meaning as tears or sorrow. So my advice – a lot of research before you name it.

Recently, Indian actress Karisma Kapoor named her second child Kian. She claims that it is the name “American Hebrew”! Sorry..american and Hebrew are completely different. And most people on various social networking sites made fun of the name by saying that it sounded like a peacock – Qian Qian!

Most names have direct meaning but some names are derived from other names or other names. Most baby naming websites today come with a meaning as they affect the life of your child. Baby’s name should be based on the Sun sign or the Moon sign

Baby’s name should be based on the Sun sign or the Moon sign


No matter how it may seem, but when naming your child, keep your religion in the background. If a person of one community or religion has a name associated with another community or religion, his identity will always keep him distinct.


Also keep in mind the complexity of the pronunciation of the name. A rule applies here – that is the KISS rule – keep it short and simple. Many parents name their children as Pramugdha (who becomes Pummu in a long time), Anuma (who becomes Anu), Abhyudaya (who becomes Abhi) etc. I believe why not keep the name as simple as possible so that your child can be known. Not only his real name at school (that too by most teachers!), But also otherwise.


An unusual spelling of a common name produces specificity, but is also associated with an illusion. A child, whose name is Arana (Goddess Lakshmi), must always chant “A R N N A” for the benefit of others. So if you are ready to take up this challenge..are ahead. The high point of such names is their uniqueness.

Foreign name

Some parents want to choose their children’s names from other cultures. There is no harm in it unless it is easily pronounced and has a good meaning. Eg Jijina, it is a Russian name meaning one who conquers the world. A girl with this name will always have to explain her choice. So is Trishkova.

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